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The CocoPPa Dolls Wiki dedicated to UNITED, Inc.'s latest game "CocoPPa Dolls" released on January 20, 2020. This wiki is made for fans and by fans. The wiki is currently still a work in progress so please bear with us! We are looking for more volunteers to grow this wiki.

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Item Type

Hair Hat Face Tops Bottoms Tops&Bottoms Full-set Bottoms&Shoes Shoes
Accessories Hair ACC Body ACC Hand ACC Face ACC Earring Tail Back ACC
Decorations Effect Feet DEC Objet d'art
Presentation Frame Background

Outfit Set

Holiday Sweet Nature Popmix Crown Mode Princess Event Special

Clothes Index
Style Perfume Rarity

Simple Gorgeous Casual Elegant Cute Beauty Pure Sexy Unisex Girly

Flora Citrus Woody Amber Oriental Fougere Animalic Foodie Chypre Marine Sweet Powdery

Rarity Level 1 Rarity Level 2 Rarity Level 3 Rarity Level 4 Rarity Level 5 Rarity Level 6


CocoPPa Play Wiki

The CCDL Wiki Guidelines is now available! Please read before editing.

There are a lot of pages that need to be created. Please refer to 'Page Navigation' or 'Outfit Navigation' for pages that need to be made.

  • For limited-time pages (e.g. Supporter Activity, Romantic Story (Gacha)). Please upload and photos and information. The appearance of the page can be altered later.
  • For Character Pages, please reference Thia's page for the layout. Don't forget about the side characters (mainly Fans).
  • For Planet Pages, please reference Aries's page for the layout (which is still developing). Look on the official website, in game or the twitter/Facebook posts for more information
  • For Clothes Pages, reference Pretty Smile Hair's page layout. Set Pages are currently being development.
  • For Level Pages, reference 1-1: Planet of Freedom's page layout.
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